International eCommerce: Who’s Buying?

We’ve been keeping an eye on which countries are spending the most with our partner stores over the past couple of years. We’ve watched as Australia has increased their spend but Canada remains the biggest buyer of United States goods by far. A few interesting things to note about the different countries listed here:

  • The greatest revenue doesn’t mean the most orders. In fact, countries like India and Hong Kong aren’t even in the top ten for order volume, but they make the top ten for revenue due to their higher than average order value.
  • Hong Kong order values dwarf other countries, with nearly ten times the average order value of the rest of the world.
  • Several countries that didn’t make it into the top ten for revenue are in the top ten for visits to U.S. sites, including Mexico, Germany and Norway.
International eCommerce: Who's Buying?

International eCommerce

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