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  4. I can’t understand what would be so difficult for the supplier ( ie: MCDonald’s ) to display a sign for a drink that typically costs $ 1.00 to simply show on the sign it will be $ 1.13 in Ontario. They would still enter the drink price and the tax would be added accordingly to show $ 1.00, Tax 0.13.. total $1.13. I’m not sure who’s zoomin who but there has to be a gimmick in there where the supplier gets a break and the consumer gets the shaft.
    If I am a youngster with a handful of change and I see a drink for a dollar, after I order it I find out it is $ 1.13, If I don’t have enough change I would get embarrased because of the situation. I know I should be able to calculate the tax before I order however we are not all as smart as the TAX MAN !

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