Canada Border Services Agency

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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

  • Have you ever had something held in customs when shipping to Canada? If you have then you are most likely familiar with the CBSA. ┬áBesides protecting the border and enforcing immigration the CBSA is responsible for customs entry from anywhere into Canada.

Brokers and the CBSA

  • Many times the CBSA can be confused with a customs broker. They do not act as a customs broker. Importers in Canada can either prepare their own documentation for submittal to the CBSA or like most Canadian importers they will allow for the shipping carrier to act as a broker on their behalf. However, if you are shipping to Canada the carrier and shipping service level chosen may have a large impact on Canadian buyers that do not have their own broker because of expensive brokerage fees. To learn more about brokerage charges into Canada see our blog post on UPS Canada Brokerage, Customs Fees and Charges.

CBSA Fees and Charges

  • The CBSA will is ultimately responsible for collecting any applicable GST (Goods and Services Tax) or (HST) Harmonized Sales Tax. The CBSA will not charge fees as long as products are valued appropriately and are not any type of commodity that requires special clearance or inspection. However, as mentioned above carriers will charge brokerage fees, including Canada Post in the amount of $8.50 CAD.

(NRI) Non Resident Importer

  • The CBSA will allow for non-residents of Canada act as their own importer of record for their shipments. This means all customs, brokerage fees, duties and taxes can be billed to you as an NRI. As long as the business apply for the NRI can meet the obligation of the CBSA and CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) they can apply for an NRI account. Carriers such as UPS and FedEx sales resources can help you to apply for an NRI.

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