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Who leads the Pack for Worldwide browser usage?

Worldwide browser usage

As of June of this year (2012), Google’s Chrome browser has taken over as the number one most used browser for worldwide browser usage. – an impressive feat for a browser that is less than 4 years old. In the United States, Internet Explorer still reigns supreme but it doesn’t seem likely that this reign will last. Worldwide, you can see how powerful Firefox and Chrome are, alongside Internet Explorer. South America is, for example, very much dominated by Chrome users while Africa has the largest percentage of Firefox users. Keep in mind that the map above only shows the #1 browser for each country, even if there is a close #2.

What this means for your US eCommerce Site

When it comes to website design and accessibility, it’s becoming more and more clear that you need to consider more than just one or two browsers. While sites should certainly be Internet Explorer compliant, making them compatible with Chrome is now even more important. This also means that more and more users are able to see and take advantage of the newer web technologies, such as HTML 5 and CSS 3. While this is an exciting prospect, it’s important to continue to cater to the roughly 33% of worldwide users who are browsing with Internet Explorer and may not be able to leverage (depending on their version of IE) these newer technologies.

As Google’s presence increases in the lives of those inside and outside the U.S., their presence in the world of browsers is truly undeniable at this point. Be sure to keep this in mind when building your next page or adding your next feature to your site. All stats were pulled from, a great source for browser and other tech usage around the world.

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