UPS Additional Charges

In a recent blog post I discussed the FedEx International Ancillary Fees and charges. UPS is also commonly known to apply additional international charges and fees to their shipments. In summary here is what any company that ships and sells globally should know about UPS’ most common brokerage and clearance charges.

UPS Ground to Canada: (see UPS Canada Brokerage Calculator)

UPS Express, Saver and Expedited Fees(International Air, no “Brokerage Charges”)

The most commonly charges fee outside of Canada is the UPS Disbursement Fee. The fees is mainly for advancing funds to customs and it can also be very hefty. If you have a customer say they were charged a ton for clearance into their country, don’t just dismiss the majority of the charges as duty and tax. Many times the disbursement fee alone is more than duty and tax. For example, a shipment to the Finland will have a minimum charge of 12.00 EUR or 3% of the advanced Duty/Tax whichever is greater.

International Disbursement breakdown

What is a UPS Disbursement Fee?

This is the definition according to the UPS Australia website. “UPS customs brokers are experienced with complex commercial shipments. Electronic transmissions of shipment data helps speed customs clearance. UPS may prepay duties, taxes and other government charges on behalf of the payer.”

Where can I see a list of UPS International Fees? UPS publishes their additional charges on each of their destination country websites. Here is a list of some countries and their fees.

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