2013 IRCE

iGlobal Stores¬†fly’s to the Windy City for IRCE

Last week, four members of our team had the chance to travel to Chicago where we had a booth at the 2013 Internet Retailer Conference and Expo (IRCE). This was our third year at the show and it was a great success for us. We loved meeting with hundreds of business owners, marketing directors, eCommerce directors, managers and potential partners to discuss the opportunities for working with iGlobal Stores.


iGlobal 2013 IRCE

Kermit, Daniel, Clint and Nils (not shown) at iGlobal’s 2013 IRCE Trade Show Booth

A few items that we noticed about the eCommerce arena and particularly about the folks we met with were:

  • Merchants want to be able to ship their product directly to the international consumer without having to pay (and wait) for a domestic leg of shipping
  • Many merchants, especially those in the higher value industries, are concerned with Fraud. Either they’ve been burned by it before or they’re leery of it.
  • Global eCommerce isn’t something they want to do in-house. Having a solution like ours was very appealing, wherein the merchant gets to reap the benefits of international eCommerce without dealing with the challenges related to it.
  • Many of those who stopped by our booth had questions related to shipping costs, payment methods and duty/tax calculation. It was great to be able to deliver good news on all three fronts.
  • ¬†The eCommerce industry is thriving. Over the past few years we’ve noticed how many tools and services are available to eTailers and how savvy and capable merchants have become. It’s been amazing to see so many thousands of online businesses growing and maturing.
We loved meeting with so many of you at the show. If you have any questions that we didn’t get to, give us a shout. Otherwise, keep an eye out for our upcoming email. Whether you were able to attend the show or not, we’d love to help you to grow your eCommerce business globally. It’s our expertise. Let iGlobal simplify international sales with our checkout services (hosted or API), currency conversion and foreign currency settling, duty and tax calculation and guaranteed landed costs. Did we mention that we remove all risk for international payment fraud?
If you didn’t get a chance to attend IRCE this year, we hope to see you there next year. It will be held at the McCormick Center in Chicago through 2020. Thanks for the great show and we hope to bump into you again soon.
– The iGlobal Team

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