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iGlobal article endorsed by author on Forbes!

Forbes cites iGlobal StoresIn a recent article at entitled How To Build An Export Friendly E-Commerce Site, author Natalie Burg explained three steps to help ready your site for global eCommerce. Burg explains that having a clear shipping policy is essential to let visitors know what to expect. She writes, “The easier and more straightforward this process is, the more inviting a site is to visitors.”

In the article, iGlobal Stores is quoted in an effort to explain the importance of visibility of shipping policies, as explained in our 6 Ways To Make Your Website International Friendly article. To learn more about how iGlobal Stores can help you in this process, check out our explanation of what we do or just reach out to us by phone or email. We can’t wait to help you get your eCommerce site ready for the world!

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