3 Eras of Global eCommerce Technology

3 Eras of Global eCommerce Technology

Just 20 years ago, in 1994, the department store came to the Internet, thanks to J.C. Penney. eCommerce was getting its start. A few years later in 1997 Dell became the first company to break $1M in internet sales in a year. However, this new world was really not a new world, but a portal to the domestic market. International eCommerce had its own unique path.

Era 1 – Merchants try International eCommerce – 1990s to present

Merchants began launching websites that represented the goods they sold. While focused on the domestic consumer, international consumers had access to the web and wanted to purchase these same products. They rarely could do it online. They needed then to call or email to try to order. The merchant and the consumer then would engage in a timely and costly process of trying to get the order to the international consumer. Most merchants ended up choosing not to participate in this difficult transaction.

Era 2 – Global Logistical eCommerce Providers – 2003 to present

With the difficulty that Era 1 merchants experienced, a solution came to market that provided some relief to the merchant in all the manual processes and difficulties to get their products to the international consumer. The concept is simple, once the international consumer finds a product to purchase on a merchant’s website, the sale is then turned over to these 3rd party providers. They complete the order and determined the logistical move fee to charge the consumer. The order was not sent directly to the international consumer but re-directed to a warehouse in the US to be consolidated, relabeled and then forwarded on to the consumer. This took the control of the international consumer away from the merchant and turned it over to these providers to manage that part of the business.

Era 3- International eCommerce Technology for the Merchant – 2013 to present

New software tools are now available to the merchant to engage and control the international sale. This technology advancement is focused on maximizing the consumers’ experience, reduce the cost of doing international business, provide integration into the merchants key business systems, allows the merchant to use their own carriers, which all leads to improved conversion, more sales and streamlined processes.

This global technology when combined with the merchants business including their eCommerce platform, the right carriers, service levels and pricing, launches “The World Class eCommerce Solution” to the growing international market that is seeking them.

iGlobal Stores is happy to be leading this new Era 3 growth opportunity.

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