Customer service and sales departments/divisions are by far the most important aspects of a company in order for them to grow.  Sales Teams work endless hours to woo customers and clients in order to earn their trust and furthermore, their business.  Customer Service teams spend their time ensuring every customer that calls or emails them is left satisfied with the outcome of their interaction with the Sales Team.

Many times a customer service representative has to have some sales skill in order to win over a potentially irked customer.  Let’s say you have a customer that is upset because they do not understand the process of how to order online for international purchasing.  Naturally, this customer is upset and may not care if they interrupt you or make you feel bad.  One of the biggest things to understand is the customer is correct  in being upset and they are simply confused, they are not necessarily trying to make your job any harder.  They just want to know what you know about their online order.

Do you have a strong customer service department?

5 Steps to Help an Upset Customer:

  1. Smile –  and apologize for the inconvenience.  
  2. Listen to Them – look for the answers you need to help them in what they say. Try putting your line on mute so the client isn’t distracted by the background office noise. Listen and don’t try to interject.
  3. Repeat Back to Them –  what they’re upset about and stay patient if they yell or interrupt you.  
  4. Be Sincere –  sympathize and assist the customer by any means that are available to you.  Use their name to create a real connection with them.
  5. Take Time on Your Own – sometimes clients can get your frazzled. It’s okay to take some time between tasks to calm down and get yourself back to a happy state.

Being an effective customer service rep requires some sales skill, not only to help upset customers such as the example I provided previously, but also to help grow the company with sales.

When I assist a customer, either through email or by phone, I always aim to increase the value of their order.  Greet the customer professionally and kindly. Always sound like you are glad to be communicating with that customer and they will return the kindness and possibly become a repeat customer.  Smaller companies need people with social skills in order to increase their sales and therefore become more and more profitable.

In conclusion, I say that your clients, customers, guests or whichever you wish to call them, are your lifeblood and should be treated as such.  To sound inconvenienced by a customer asking for help is not acceptable and should stop immediately. Every single industry in this modern world is a service industry and one bad experience can cripple a company, no matter the size.  Stay professional and respectful even if they don’t intend to buy right now and you will have a thriving pipeline of future sales.

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