Improve Processes and Reduce Costs

Want to improve something? Stuck in a rut? Can’t get the results you want? For U.S. companies trying to capture their share of international marketplace revenue, it may be time to review the way you are doing business and see what changes you can make that will have an impact.

How do you make it easier for an international customer to buy? Try engaging in process management. Process Management is the science and art of improving steps and making decisions in improving work. You do it every day as you try to improve things around your work and home. You can use your own resources or adopt market place tools such as Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Trillium Model as well as many others which help you engage in a sustainable way to manage and improve your processes.

How does process management apply to an e-commerce company trying to engage a customer in their international checkout process? By improving your international consumer’s checkout experience, which usually leads to a higher checkout rate.

Using process improvement concepts can be relatively easily and doesn’t have to involve hiring expensive consultants, and best of all, you can start today!

  1. Go for the low hanging fruit. Take a step back and find those areas that cause your customer or yourself the most headache with international purchases.
  2. Diagram or flowchart out the process. Jot down the what and when of your current happenings. Your current world is called an IS map. Then, when you’re ready, create or define what your world should be in the future, or the SHOULD map.
  3. Put together a plan and implement your plan based on your should map.
  4. Track your results. Understand what your problem was. Once you engage in the improvement, look at the numbers again.  Did you see improvement?
  5. Revisit this process over time and improve it again and again. This should be something that is built into the core of what you do. Help those around you to understand that staying the same is not an option.

In reviewing your international checkout process, look for information (like the posts found in this blog) to help understand international purchasing and shipping processes to drive your company towards a better series of actions.


Frank Reid


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