theVerse v.Akira Class

By iGlobal Stores

A uniVerse of Control for Cross-Border eCommerce

We are excited to announce our new release to theVerse by iGlobal Stores. All supported clients automatically receive these updates.



You can now change your orders easily in theVerse. This includes:

  • Canceling Orders
  • Item Additions and Removals
  • Including Full and Partial Refunds

Tracking Numbers

Add and edit your tracking numbers inside theVerse with a new worklist or by individual order. Adding tracking numbers offers a wide range of benefits such as easy status searches and international carrier bill reconciliation.


Hot Keys

Are you a power user? Press alt + i to get information on hot keys. Learn hotkeys and improve your efficiency and speed navigating theVerse. Add notes, toggle USD and foreign currencies, collapse and expand data.

  • Alt + n New Note
  • Alt + up arrow Collapse Cards
  • $ Toggle Currency
  • Alt + i View More Shortcuts!
prefix search

Prefix Search

Easily find what you want with prefix searching.To perform a prefix search, specify the prefix you want to search for, followed by a colon, (e.g. country:brazil).  You also can specify multiple prefix terms in a query string, including within phrases (e.g. country:brazil state:sao paulo). Check out the full list by clicking on the search icon inside the search bar.

theVerse v.Akira Class Webinar

Sign up for our webinar Thursday Feb 11th 11:00AM MST

Coming in March

  • Manage users
  • Detailed fraud monitoring visibility
  • Billing access

If you would like these features sooner, contact us about becoming a beta partner!

theVerse by iGlobal Stores

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