What is Dimensional Weight?

Dimensional Weight (Dim Weight) reflects package density based on the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight.  All international packages are weighed using a formula to calculate the Dim Weight.

Dim Weight is calculated by measuring the longest point of each side on the package while rounding up to the nearest inch(1-1.49 inch is 1 inch and 1.50-1.99 inch is 2 inches).  Then,  you take the Length, Width, Height and multiply those together to calculate the cubic size of the package. (LxWxH = cubic size)

For export shipments, divide the cubic size in inches by 139 to calculate the Dim Weight.  Round the result to the next whole number.


More Tips to Calculate Dimensional Weight

  • Irregularly Shaped Packages: If the package has a bulge or is oddly shaped, measure the length, width and height of the package at its extreme points.  This may include the bulge or irregular aspects of the package. Treat the irregularly shaped package as if it were in a regular rectangular box.
  • Dim Weight in centimeters, called Volumetric Weight, is L x W x H / 5000 rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg.


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