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August 12th, 2016

2016 Holiday Season Marketing


Summer is over, school is coming back in session, and now is when you should starting thinking about the 2016 holiday season.


What, now? Yep.


iGlobal Stores is a Google Partner Agency and has direct access to the Google marketing team and their data. At a recent seminar, Google discussed the coming 2016 holiday season and how you can start marketing now to get the most returns for your efforts. This shouldn’t just be limited to your domestic market either.


Singles Day, November 11 (11.11), has become the world’s largest online shopping day.

holiday shopping stats 2015

Alibaba launched a massive marketing push around Single’s Day in 2009, offering special “Double 11” deals. Their timing was perfect. eCommerce has exploded in China, leading to a 5,740% growth in Alibaba’s “Double 11” sales between 2009 and 2013, the Atlantic reports.


47% of Canadians took advantage of Black Friday sales in 2013.

With the country’s steady adoption of online shopping, this will only grow until the majority of Canadian holiday shoppers are taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The shopping season starts earlier than you think

Last year one-quarter of all shoppers had started searching for gifts in October and

48% of holiday shoppers completed the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday.


This means marketers will have to increase their ad budgets sooner to get those coveted top spots in October. You should also increase any remarketing lists to go as far back as 60-90 days. To make sure then when Cyber Monday comes along, you can retarget those early shoppers.

Loyalty like a Senate on the Ides of March

Over one-half of consumers were open to buying from a new retailer.


This is astounding data which levels the playing field for winning over new customers. Use these last months before the holiday season to streamline your checkout, shipping options, and return policy. This will make a difference for new customers who are willing to give you a try.

If you can win them over for this season with in-stock and quickly shipped products, then you can have a better base to remarket to for the rest of the year.

Don’t let it end

34% of shoppers continued their holiday shopping after the holidays

Dec 26th was the 3rd biggest day for sale-related searches last year


If you missed them the first time, you may pick them up near the end of the season. Who doesn’t like overstock sales?

Create the right marketing strategy

We’ve got some ideas for your holiday season marketing strategy.


Start Now – Build a plan and tracking

Create demand and get your strategies in place. Plan out: newsletters, holiday discounts, promotions, top selling products, holiday shipping, graphics, social media campaigns, and anything else that applies to your market.


Through Mid November – Plan for peak

Keep a close eye on your competitors and your paid ads. This is a season where big companies can increase their marketing budgets and you may find yourself pushed down in search results. You may also want to double your organic posts, giving new customers DIY ideas or shopping lists.


Last Minute Shoppers –

This is where automated bidding can really save you time and, dare we say, let you take your own holiday?

Late in the holiday season is also prime for any shops that use Google Merchant Feed, which is one of the easiest ways to target international customers. Just make sure that your product landing page matches the listing language, currency, and Google will get you those shoppers!


Follow up – Get the customers with money to burn

This is where those powerful remarketing lists can really help. Remarketing to customers can help them remember your brand and their positive experience with you. You can also take these lists into MailChimp and have a regular list of subscribers looking for deals.

Remember that the holiday season doesn’t just end with Western holidays, the Chinese New Year on Saturday, January 28 is another huge sales day.


If you aren’t sure where to start, contact us today and we can analyze your market and help you set up a marketing strategy for domestic and international customers.

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