The Fluctuating Dollar and Conversion

  eTailers have been noticing that in the past few months, conversion rates for their international sales are moving in the wrong direction. In our discussions with them, we help them focus on those items that affect conversion such as:   Difficult or painful checkout process Inflated pricing by 3rd […]


theVerse v.Akira Class Feature Launch

theVerse v.Akira Class By iGlobal Stores A uniVerse of Control for Cross-Border eCommerce We are excited to announce our new release to theVerse by iGlobal Stores. All supported clients automatically receive these updates. Editing You can now change your orders easily in theVerse. This includes: Canceling Orders Item Additions and […]


Competitive Advantage in an International Marketplace

  Improve Processes and Reduce Costs Want to improve something? Stuck in a rut? Can’t get the results you want? For U.S. companies trying to capture their share of international marketplace revenue, it may be time to review the way you are doing business and see what changes you can […]


What is a Commercial Shipping Invoice?

What is a Commercial Shipping Invoice? A commercial shipping invoice is the primary document for imports, it helps identify products for the imports department. Departments can determine the correct duties, fees, and taxes based on your Commercial Invoice. For fast and efficient customs clearance when shipping outside the US, it’s important […]

theVerse by iGlobal Stores

Introducing theVerse by iGlobal Stores

A uniVerse of Control for Cross-Border eCommerce. At iGlobal Stores simple eCommerce solutions have always been our top priority. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to keep your international business in your hands. This is why we’re excited to announce the latest and most important update to your eCommerce toolset: […]


iGlobal Supports Local Innovators

6th Annual Southern Utah Code Camp competition Bring Your Genius November 13-14, 2015:   As a platinum sponsor of the code camp event, iGlobal recognizes the value and importance of developing talent in the tech industry. From rookies to industry professionals, all teams involved in the challenge begin promptly at […]


Keep Your Eye on Your International Market Processes

Projections are indicating a large growth of consumers engaging in cross-border eCommerce in the next few years. Some have predicted *$1 Trillion in cross-border eCommerce by 2020 at a faster growth rate than is forecasted for domestic US growth. How Do You Tap Into the Billion Dollar Market? Three areas […]

iGlobal Stores Summer BBQ

iGlobal Stores End of Summer Celebration

We had a Blast at the first ever iGlobal-ocity BBQ! What a fun way to celebrate two teams joining forces under the unified banner of iGlobal Stores! It was even better than Justice League/Avengers!


FedEx International Fees: Ancillary, Advancement and Brokerage

What are International Ancillary Fees? FedEx as well as other carriers offer standard customs clearance on express air shipments and do not charge brokerage fees. However, they will still charge different fees by country for other services associated with customs clearance.


How Customer Service Increases Sales

Customer service and sales departments/divisions are by far the most important aspects of a company in order for them to grow.  Sales Teams work endless hours to woo customers and clients in order to earn their trust and furthermore, their business.  Customer Service teams spend their time ensuring every customer […]